Top Digital Marketing Trends In Future

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals in constructing intelligent machines and software that’ll think and respond like human beings. The AI has an exceptional future in the field of digital marketing.

AI uses a combination of different feature like chatbots, voice assistant to find answers for our questions. Alexa and Siri are voice assistants providing excellent customer care. Just like human, they can take orders from the user and work behind the scene on their behalf.


A chatbot is a computerized program that stimulates human conversation through voice commands or text or both. Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature embedded and used as messaging applications.

Hiring an individual to communicate on your website or mobile application is expensive as the individual needs to be paid for their job. This could be avoided by introducing a chatbot. These chatbots save costs to the company by answering common questions on behalf of the individual. Subsequently, customers are getting used to these kind of personalized service as the margin of error is practically impossible.

Alexa, Google Assistance are some of the examples of chatbot to Google questions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders to amplify your brand message to a larger market. Influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a huge niche following who can help spread the word about your business or product through their social channels.

Images and videos posted by Influencers on their Social Media account play a pivotal role in boosting the sales and add product value to the brand. Stories disappear after a set period of time; this is a great opportunity for marketers to make good use of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Content Marketing – the Pillar

In Digital Marketing, content is always the king. Good content will always reach out to a larger set of audience. Bad content should be avoided as it creates a negative impact and that’ll also bring a bad image to the brand.

Content experience is about addressing the whole user experience when engaging with the content. It puts control back in the hands of the marketer, while also focusing on the brand experience.

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