Simple Ways to Become "The Best Digital Marketer"

What is a digital marketing?

Marketing done through digital means is digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy consists of various usages of digital channels to reach out to the consumers. Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, email marketing, digital advertisements are some of the strategies used in Digital Marketing.

A complete and well defined digital marketing strategy aids in the navigation of the buyer’s journey. It enables the producers to connect with the consumers at all point of time, throughout their journey.

How to become a digital marketer?

The best way to start the process in becoming the digital marketer is to enrol you in a training program that focuses on digital marketing and related campaigns. Try to acquire a vast knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Gain knowledge from senior digital marketers. Share your views on digital marketing to others with knowledge in the field.

It takes a lot of time and commitment to get enrolled in a course and learn things. So in addition to it, it is important to follow digital marketing experts on social media profiles to gain additional stuffs that may be related to SEO, PPC, internet marketing.

Not only will you stay up-to-date on breaking industry news, you’ll also be exposed to really interesting concepts and conversation. Build on these ideas in your work life.

Some of the best strategies a digital marketer should know are as follows;

i) Social Media Marketing

People have a wrong perception that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is time consuming and won’t yield profit. Actually, these are false quoted sayings. To be precise, profit shall never be yielded in a quick period of time. This applies to SMM also. There will be a gradual increase in profit when ample time is provided (Snowball effect).

Nowadays social medium apps are predominantly designed to be accessed through mobile. Everyone is into social medium. Social medium is a useful channel to market our business.

Social Media Tips;

  • Observe and learn from experts.

  • Explore newer ideas. Criticisms may come, but that’ll also add benefits to us.

  • Always be authentic. Never lose objectives while doing creative process.

Keep your social media page up-to-date. Place website link within the social media page, so that followers can access page’s website and know about your elaborately.

Influencer marketing is a key. It would be great if a celebrity posts a pic about us on their social media handle.

Indians, especially the younger generation (target audience) are heavily influenced by cinema. So we can attach movie related posters designed by ourselves and attach the current trending hash tags (cinema names).

Post a picture or two every day. Be in touch with followers. Spamming too many photos will irk them.

ii) SEO

Search Engine Optimization utilizes the content (mostly the website page) and enables the visibility of the page in internet. Make sure in updating contents regularly on the page using the right keywords, so that a variety of customers preferring your product could actually see the page.

Some of the criteria that Google follows to rank page are:

· Content within the page

· Social Signals(from social media to our page)

· Reviews on Google

· Citations, Trust Flow (Process by which people come to our site from other sites)

Since you are having a new website, it will not have a higher ranking. Still, we need to set a benchmarks of the number of visitors visiting the page(through Google Analytics). We need to calculate Google Analytics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Local Ranking and update them in a spreadsheet. It is mandatory that the statistics updated are improving consistently.

iii) Email Marketing

Email marketing is directly communicating a commercial message content to the consumers or people in general through email. This digital marketing strategy involves in sending adverts through email, to increase the sales in business.

One of the added advantages in email marketing is that an additional trust is established between the sellers and buyers. This results in getting potential customers.

The reasons behind digital marketing being cost effective are as follows;

  • Email marketing is Cost-effective. At low cast, email marketing can be done to reach out to the audience,

  • Email marketing is Targeted and customisable.

  • Email marketing is Measurable as it allows you to understand what offers are working and what is not working.

  • Email marketing is customer’s preference.

Snowball Effect

What is snowball effect? Why is it important for a digital marketer?

The steady growth in referred to as the snowball effect. All of a sudden it is not possible to attain our goal. Proper planning and well execution results in potential success.

Here, marketing strategy is explained using a theory called Snowball Effect. All established digital marketers can relate to the snowball theory.

When a stone is pushed from a mountain, the size of the stone will be smaller. The stone gradually attaches snow to its surface and becomes larger in size. Finally the mass of the stone will be much larger in size.

Similarly, during our first marketing campaign, we've to put in larger effort to push our content to consumers. Gradually the content will start spreading and will be reaching out to mass audience.

Good marketing with innovative content is necessary for a steady and long term career.

The snowball effect results in a steady growth of our business. It takes a minimum duration of about 12-18 months in reaching a greater platform. We have to work hard to attain the sufficiency stage.

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