Why Professors should Collaborate with Vegalmedia?

As a professor, it is a big responsibility to make sure that your students are updated about the recent changes in the job market

As we all know, the world is changing and getting digital. Everyone is trying to create a place for themselves in this digital world and promote their respective services. In such circumstances, it is obvious that people need experts who can guide them to create their digital presence and make sales even in such critical times. So, this is the best time to start learning these skills and getting to know everything about digital marketing.

Now, you might be someone, who wants your students to know about these skills and learn them, but you can’t teach them these skills. You might know that these skills can make their future better but you are not well versed with them.

It’s completely fine. We have a great and exciting opportunity for you as a teacher

so that you can teach your students the important and in-demand skills and also earn some extra cash on the side.

You can do this by Collaborating with VegalMedia and Referring our Digital Marketing Mastery Program to your students.

Now, you might be thinking, why should you collaborate with us? Who are we and how can our program help your students?

Let me answer that for you. Vegalmedia is a digital marketing agency, which has helped multiple businesses in their digital presence and campaigns. And now, we are taking this to the

next level by introducing our own Digital Marketing Mastery Program, where we teach people the basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing.

We are on a mission to help youths of this country get the best skills and build their future in the best possible way. In this program, we teach students all the concepts of digital marketing from scratch and make sure that they are well supported in their journey by taking live sessions and giving guest lectures by experts in this field. We make sure that by the end of this program the students are well versed in the concepts and are ready to start their own digital marketing journey. Lots of students have already benefitted by this program and have already started their internship or job as a digital marketer.

Right now, digital marketing is a booming industry that has a scope to reach about $1 trillion industry in India by 2022. So, you can see how important and well-paying skill that can be in the near future.

What is the process of collaboration and referring?

It’s quite simple.

By collaborating with us, you get a referral code for yourself which you can share with your students. By doing so, they will get to know about our training program which can help them learn digital marketing from scratch and also give then chance to interact one on one with the mentors.

If a student buys that program, he/she will get a discount by using your referral code and you, on the other side, will receive Rs. 1000 for every training taken by the student. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

As you can see, this is a golden opportunity for you to collaborate with us and help your students learn the most in-demand skill and create a better future for them. Also, it can give an extra edge by making some cash on the side. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Collaborate with us and help us in our mission to create the best youth digital marketers and at the same time help your students in the best way possible.

Don’t miss out on this chance to help your students and provide them the chance to learn digital marketing and secure a high paying job.

Contact us right now and start promoting our program in your learning circle.

Honestly, It’s totally worth it.

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